Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog: "The Feminine Belle's Home Based Business Ideas"

Hi sweet one!

The Feminine Belle's Home Based Business Ideas is a blog that teaches women of all ages how to make extra money from a cottage industry, or how to make a lucrative living from home - even during a recession.

It will be publishing many free-to-read articles on how women can create their own jobs and careers, tips for the WAHM (Work At Home Mom,) opportunities for young women to make money, and numerous money-making programs that will enable a woman to quit her day job.

Countless woman have become successful making an online living - and some are even making millions of dollars - all from the comfort of their own homes. There is no place like home to make a living from! It is the life.

PS: A lot of the information on this blog can be applied - and will work - during a recession. Furthermore, just one little idea saved many people in the Great Depression.

They also learned how to find money through observation! I will be sharing with you their secrets.

Click here to read the blog

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wife school: Secrets Of A Happy Home

Good morning, sweet one!

In marriage, wives often expects their husbands and children to make allowances for harsh words, yelling and thoughtless behavior, and if their families are tolerant and have a sense of humor, they will overlook many things and forgive much. 

But why should a woman be OK with imposing on the good nature of others, and why should she be OK with such an attitude?

Is that not taking one's loved ones for granted?

Is that not unfeminine and unbecoming behavior?


If politeness and courtesy are necessary to make society run smoothly, are they not even more necessary in the home? 

It is in the home that the same people are thrown together constantly, and where their "true colors" come out.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Attraction Lesson: The Seven Great Essentials Of Feminine Allure

Good morning, doll!

Words can be too elusive or bungling to describe the finer meaning of "feminine allure" ~ yet we have all felt its power, and at some time been under its spell.

Just as in the case of the never forgotten enchantress, Cleopatra, age cannot wither nor stale allure's infinite variety, nor the marvelous fascination of the woman who has feminine allure.

In every era, men have loved the physical beauty of women, but the woman who has the all~compelling power of feminine allure is far superior to the woman who has mere physical beauty. 

Furthermore, the women who have been the most popular with men, and the adored favorites of men, have not necessarily been the most physically attractive women.

But they have had that most captivating and fascinating quality we refer to as "allure."

There are seven great essentials for acquiring feminine allure. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

True Womanhood For The 21st Century Woman

Good afternoon, angel!

A true woman in the 21st century is a feminine woman.

Her figure; her style; her movements; her voice; her laughter; her character; her personality; her moral fiber; her point of view; her opinions; her occupations; her domesticities; her hobbies; her keen eye for beauty; her refinement; her love; her keen delight in things of her own; her instinctive tenderness and compassion; her softness, her sensitivity; her gentleness; her submissive nature; her admiration for strength; her dislike of feminine behavior in men; her quiet ignoring of mean and aggressive women are all feminine traits. 

The feminine woman differs from a man ~ and from the unfeminine woman ~ by a sky~breadth.

And she blesses her man and the world by this difference. *Smile*

For a woman to look or act like a man is to make herself a deformity, and to abdicate her power.

There are enough men in the world, anyhow, and there are not enough real women.

To see a woman botch her womanhood by acting manly, by affecting a masculine gait, by talking in lower tones, by acting coarse, by showing her naked/half naked body to the world, by being promiscuous, and by thinking only of furthering her career and of bringing men down a peg or two, is pathetic. 

Such a woman is a freak of nature, she is neurotic, and she does not deserve a man ~ especially a real man.

Monday, January 12, 2015

20 Ways To Become A More Feminine, Charming & Attractive Woman

Good morning, precious!

A feminine, charming and attractive woman is a woman all over ~ one who places her glory in being a woman ~ and she has no desire to be anything else. 

She is a woman ~ rather than a human being or a man ~ and she is a lady rather than a woman.

She is a creature unlike any other ~ a delightful creature who glides gracefully through life ~ and who adjusts herself to her company and her circumstances in a manner little less than marvelous.

Being an attractive and charming woman is not just about the way you look, but a reflection of your entire mindset, character and behavior.

Charm humanizes, but glamorizes your personality, and it attracts others to you ~ like bees are attracted to honey. 

It also broadens every field of action in life. 

Getting the most out of your femininity and charm is to allow the breeze of self~confidence and freedom and feminine power to sweep through your entire being.

However, there are some things that are so fundamental in life, that they will give you a good boost if you do them while you are working on the over~all job of becoming a more feminine, charming and attractive woman. 

The Beauty Secrets Of Diane de Poitiers & "The Golden Secret" Of Beauty And Youth

Good afternoon, sweet one!

It is not within the realm of possibility for every woman to have the lissome form and beautiful features of the Venus de Milo, to have hair that is a crown of glory, or to have a flawless complexion. 

Such beauty is rare and evanescent ~ a gift bestowed on few women.

It is possible, however, for every woman to look feminine, attractive and her very best ~ and to possess feminine charm ~ a quality more subtly attractive, and more to be desired than flawless physical beauty.

Kinds of feminine charm that women can cultivate and have are as many and as varied as the women themselves. 

Each woman also has an inherent royal charm which is all her own, and which she needs to discover and uncover. *Smile*

There are many things that constitute feminine charm.

The charm of dress is one way to demonstrate it.

A charming woman is always beautifully dressed.

She only wears clothes that are feminine, that are as attractive as good taste can make them, and that are suitable for the occasion on which she wears them.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Creating Attraction In men ~ Part Two

Good afternoon, cupcake!

Every romantic relationship begins with the mutual attraction of two people of the opposite sex. 

Fundamentally, this male~female attraction is biologically determined, and its aim is union for the perpetuation of the species.

Mankind instinctively likes ~ and is drawn to ~ beauty, strength, charm, good nature and love.

These are the attributes which enhance the intimacies of love, romance and sex ~ and such attributes are important in all the personal contacts of life. (From the friendly smiles exchanged during a first meeting to the sensual touch of the lips exchanged during lovemaking.) 

There are elements in romantic and sexual attraction so elementary, that one marvels that they still have to be mentioned or set out in print. 

But they obviously they still need to be.

Every woman should know what attracts and captivates men, and no woman should be deficient in the elements that attract, interest, please and charm men.

But many women do not know, and many women are deficient.

Let us now look at the ways we can create attraction in men... 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Course: How To Be An It Girl (Pre~Sale Release)

About this course

This course focuses on the woman that is the "IT Girl" ~ what those "just it" qualities are that do identify her as the woman whom others faithfully follow. 

You will learn the IT Girl secrets and:

How IT Girls manage to stay at the top of their social hierarchy through specific styling and branding.

How they think and what is important to them.

How they use their "X~Factor" presence to keep you in a state of high anticipation of their next engagement, interview or social media comment posting.

By reading and following the precepts of this course, you will have a complete understanding of what it takes to be an IT Girl. 

Not only will you will have an awareness of the "space" that you need to occupy if you are to follow in the footsteps of those who have "made it," but you will also know how to incorporate the IT Girl presence into your own life, so that you can lift your personal standing and appreciation among those with whom you actively and socially engage.  

It is all about the "I"

Being an "IT girl" is all about the "I."

It means popularity in social life and on social media.

It means your name in the paper and your picture in the news~reel. 

It means being the kind of woman to whom love and the most attractive men come ~ and to whom the rise in salary and the successful landing of the prospect come easily. 

Being an IT girl is the the projection of the ego on the rosy mist of dreams.

So come out of your shell, lovely, the whole world is waiting for you!

With the secrets in this course:

The friends you have always wanted to win will be drawn to you (including social celebrities) ~ captivated by your charm.

Business people will be drawn to you and forced to respect you. 

Hundreds of women who have been held back by timidity, self~consciousness and unassertive personalities are discovering the secrets in this course.

What a wonderful thing it is to have hosts of friends, to be welcomed wherever you go, and to be showered with invitations for good times! 

What a priceless asset it is in business life and personal life to be able to win others to you, to have people go out of their way to do you favors, and to be able to inspire confidence, loyalty and enthusiasm! 

With these secrets you no longer have to take a back seat while other women realize their dreams. 

You, too, can be an active, driving and constructive force in business and social life.

How is it that certain women have emerged from obscurity and have become widely known and beloved?

It is through becoming an "IT girl."

The IT Girl is the A~lister among other women, the one who has achieved celebrity status because of her prominent and luminary lifestyle. 

She may be recognized for her partying or for her pedigree, or simply because of her fashion sense or for her unconventional yet intoxicating personal style. 

She is the household name of her time, and very often receives public and media attention for reasons unrelated to her known list of personal achievements.

She is not notorious for simply being about having a myriad of material possessions; her character far surpasses the need to impress upon others with a revealing of monetary wealth. 

Instead, the very often frenzied response to the IT Girl is a result of her charisma, her background and her publicly pursued passions. 

Table of Contents
Tag ~ you’re IT!
Defining the undefinable
What it means to be an IT Girl
It is all about the "I"
The arrival of the IT Girl 
The rise and rise of the IT Girl…
IT Girls through time 
Thinking like an IT Girl 
Compellingly confident 
Qualities of an IT Girl 
A not~so rarity of reactions 
X~Factor and the IT Girl 
Secrets of an IT Girl 
Personality is paramount
Branding, image and individuality
Getting noticed 
Creating impressions
How to meet and befriend other It girls and celebrities
IT Girl society tips 
Climbing the social ladder 
Social finesse
Wouldn’t it be exciting… 
Friendships and popularity
The It girl/celebrity lifestyle

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year From The Feminine Belle

Good morning, angel!

Last year I gave you my heart through my musings, in 2015 you shall have it again.

With each passing year my appreciation and affection for you grows stronger, and with all of my heart I wish that the New Year may be one of happiness for you.

May it be a year full of health, love, success and all good things for you, my dear friend!

May God bless us all throughout the New Year!

Ever yours,

Melina Xx

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Creating Attraction In Men ~ Part One

Good afternoon, dear heart!

Attraction between the sexes is a genuine biological and emotional state or feeling ~ and a type of romantic and amorous emotion that humans experience toward each other.

This romantic/amorous emotion gradually lessens during marriage, and is replaced ~ generally ~ by the kind of "secure" love that people feel when they have settled into their marriages together. 

Married love is generally a less intense state than the emotions aroused during the beginning stages of dating and courtship.

Occasionally, married love is a more intense and satisfying experience than the experience of dating and courtship, and it can be with my tips. *Smile*

Admiration and respect

Is attraction between the sexes (male~female attraction) based on admiration and respect?

Many people believe that it is based on admiration and respect, and it is certainly true that romantic love itself is based partly on a foundation of respect ~ and on two other foundations ~ friendship and passion. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Women's Secrets Of Happiness & Success: Do, But Do Not Overdo

 Good morning, cupcake!

All Socrates ~ one of the wisest men the world the has ever produced (but not as wise as King Solomon) ~ took for his life motto: "Never too much." 

What a lot of wisdom is summed up in those three words. 

Do, but do not over~do.

For many of us women in the twenty~first century, our days fill up so fast ~ and are so rushed and filled with distractions ~ that they seem to be bursting.

This rushing is a huge source of stress for most women, and stress is perhaps the most important factor determining whether we are healthy or sick.

Women who have many responsibilities and/or who work too much:

Ignore their own needs

Leave themselves little time for reflection

Feel insecure about their performance

Have "too many irons in the fire" 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Controlling Feminine Emotions

Good afternoon, angel!

All of us have emotions; life would not be worth much without them. 

They are responsible for much of our behavior as women ~ and for many of our problems. 

They are our "feelings" of pleasure and pain ~ and of all the states in between. 

Some of the basic emotions we feel are fear, sorrow, hate and anger ~ and hope, joy, elation and love. 

**There are many other emotions which are mixtures of these.

Women are known to be more emotional than men are, but some women are too emotional for their own good.

It can be said with certainty that women feel emotions differently from their male counterparts, and there is quite a difference between how women and men deal with their emotions. 

In some cases ~ especially when it comes to matters of love ~ women are at times controlled by their emotions.

The overly~emotional woman

All or your emotions as a woman are valid.


When a woman cries easily at a small injury to her body or to her feelings, she is overly~emotional.

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Course: The High Value Woman (Pre~Release Sale)

What this course is about

For those of you who are struggling to come to terms with awakening your own feminine high value energy, this is the course that will help you to unlock your own source of personal power. 

This course will walk you through the qualities that you need to develop and to encourage your own empowerment and prestige. 

It will teach you what it is exactly that makes a high value woman, and precisely why you should want to become a woman of worth ~ entirely within your own right.

When you complete this course, you will know how to gain the confidence and self~esteem that are the necessary catalysts for driving you forward to the success that is yours to enjoy. 

You will have a greater understanding of how to attract high value men ~ and you will receive an appreciation for the guidelines that all women of worth incorporate into their daily routine which helps to make them exceptional women within society.

In short, you will know by the conclusion of this course how you, too, can become a special and unique high value woman.

A snippet from the course...

A high value woman is easily identifiable from other women ~ from her self~evident merit and substance ~ and the presence that she creates when she enters a particular space. 

It is often remarked that in a room where people have congregated for a social setting or for any other particular event, that the appearance of a high value woman is immediately evident due to the noticeable shift in energy that occurs upon her arrival.

The high value woman commands attention without the need for fanfare or following. 

This in itself adds to the fascination of her character ~ as those in her company for the first time strive to fathom what it is about her to which they are being magnetically drawn.

For females, this woman is someone from whom they feel they can learn, and someone from whom they feel encouraged to look within themselves to discover their own special significance as a woman of worth. 

This is a lady they desire to befriend ~ and who they could impress their acquaintances with by having her within their own circle of societal references.

For males, the high value woman borders on irresistibility. 

She silently beckons their awareness to her from which they cannot help but respond. 

She is someone who offers them a unique perspective on the dynamic interaction that should exist between them as man and woman based on respect and consideration. 

She is a woman who explicitly reminds them of the virtues that they should expect to be present within the ladies that they have chosen as their own partners for life...

Table of Contents

Experiencing the high value woman 
Qualities of high value women 
Characteristics of high value femininity 
Important personality traits for the high value woman
The essential "three foci"
The marks of personal success and failure
A self~measurement chart for the aspiring high value woman
A personal balance sheet
The art of queenliness
Mindset matters for the high value woman 
Empowered by esteem
Social responsibility
Benefits of being a high value woman 
Being a "stand~out" woman 
Self~worth awareness with your alpha male 
Knowing your relationship value 
How high value women are high value partners
Guidelines for the aspiring high value woman 
Hard to get is hard to take? 
Scintillating with sight and sound 
The quest for prestige
Different kinds of prestige
The five main categories of prestige
A contrast of concern ~ the low value woman 
Exploited and exposed 
The color of value 
How to release your innate high value woman 
The freedom of femininity 


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Attractive And Feminine Facial Expression ~ Or The "Mona Lisa Face"

Good afternoon, cupcake!

In trying to analyze femininity and charm there is one common attribute that all feminine and charming women possess ~ a pleasant and expressive countenance and attractive and feminine facial expressions. 

The countenance of a feminine, charming and benevolent woman smiles all over, often with dimples, an upward curving of the corners of mouth, and bright eyes ~ possibly with lines running up from the corners. 

These are the best signs of these ideal feminine qualities. 

I call this the "Mona Lisa face." *Smile*

**A woman's face may have pretty and regular features, perfect coloring and smooth skin ~ and yet lack that Mona Lisa charm and fall short of beauty. Facial beauty is more than just perfection of features and coloring. It depends largely on a woman's facial expression, and facial expression is the result of the mental state. 

The so~called beautiful woman is rarely beautiful ~ as far as features are concerned when compared with classic models. 

However, a woman may have a pleasant personality, a sweet facial expression, pretty skin and eyes and/or hair, and a lovely character ~ which produces the effect of a beautiful impression on the minds of her friends and on men. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Feminine Traits And Characteristics: Delicacy


Good morning, angel!

You will need deeper feminine traits ~ traits which come from the heart and soul, and which infiltrate the real you ~ if you wish to become truly feminine and exert a magnetic charisma in dealing with others. 

A woman's femininity and allure is a very delicate thing.

However, there are many women who are lacking the trait we refer to as "feminine delicacy."

The true feminine woman is a "delicate dynamo" ~ without the presence of hyper~weakness or hyper~strength ~ or an excessive dependence on men.

She is soft ~ as she is strong ~ and she is emotionally independent. 

She is tender in her ways and in her nature ~ but has the power of rich and delicate emotion.

Her sensitive sympathetic nature gives her tact and a fine intuition ~ a delightful play of inner fancy and outer grace. 

A true feminine woman is capable of both crying (delicately, of course,) and laughing. 

She has the power of deliberation and quick action.