Saturday, March 28, 2015

False Femininity

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

True Femininity

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Art Of Marital Love

Good evening, angel!

The power to love and to nurture is truly the greatest gift that God has given to woman.

For the feminine woman:

Love is a powerful and momentous force.

Love is a force that can not only change one's life, but one's whole dimension.

To love under all conditions is eternal life.

Happiness and success in life is directly dependent on one's ability to love oneself and others ~ and on keeping one's heart open.

Loving and being loved is the greatest joy in life.

In addition, love will develop those qualities in a woman that make for ideal femininity. *Smile* 

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Dating School: Qualities Of A Modern Day King: Part One

Good morning, cupcake!

For a high value man ~ and his female admirers ~ the most distinguished and glittering kind of personality for a man is to be a king.

Kings of nobility used to wear crowns, and the serried ranks of the people they controlled could be drawn up before their palaces. 

However, most of the kings of that sort today exist only as museum pieces

Furthermore, our current kings of nobility are not as powerful as they used to be ~ and crowns have gone out of fashion, like wigs. 

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wife school: How To Converse With Your Husband

Good morning, dear heart!

The courtesans and great ladies of history knew that a requisite to be considered in the holding of a man is the art of maintaining pleasant and successful conversation.

Few women realize the significance and far~reaching effect of conversation ~ let alone conversation with a man. 

In fact, many women are extremely careless of the way in which they converse with men. 

Not only do we generally think little of what we say to men, and how it will affect them, but we are lazy in our expressions generally. 

When talking to men, we generally have little or no regard for the demand of the occasion, or for using tact, judgment or charm ~ which should regulate and guide the feminine woman in intelligent and pleasant discourse.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Is He Mature Enough to Marry?

Good afternoon, sweet one!

A mature man is a conscious, evolved and purposeful man who has found his center.

He shows up magnificently in all areas of his life ~ and he is capable of accepting life as it is.

He faces the present and the future realistically and optimistically, and he assumes responsibility for his actions and mistakes.

When it comes to selecting a man to be your future husband, you must select ~ and reject ~ carefully and wisely.

You must select a man who is a real man with a strong masculine energy, and who lives without excuses ~ and who has successfully transitioned from boyhood to manhood.

I feel that a feminine woman of substance and high value should only commit to a man who is mentally and psychologically mature, a fully~fledged man, stable, a leader and a capable bread~winner.

If a man is lacking in maturity, and these attributes, do not allow him to get close to your heart. 

As it is in life, it is in love: you need to reach to the top of the tree to pick the best and most sweet~tasting fruit.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Art Of Love

Good afternoon, angel!

A great many children are born to parents who do not give them the love and attention that they need. 

Perhaps the parents themselves do not know how to love ~ or how to express their love. 

Perhaps the parents were not loved as children...

Even small babies can sense the absence of love and they resent it. 

As a result of this resentment, they are more likely to develop feelings of anger and hostility.

It takes love to develop feelings of love. 

When people grow up without receiving much love, they never really learn how to love in return. 

They never have had the chance to learn how to express love. 

So they may remain self~centered and selfish, and continue to be resentful and bitter because they do not feel they have received what they are entitled to.

Such people can go through life thinking only in terms of "me first," cupcake. 

Or they experience chronic sadness or depression. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Feminine Woman's Keynote And Vibrations



1. a prevailing tone or central theme.

Good afternoon, cupcake!

Every woman is characterized by something that could be referred to as her feminine "keynote" ~ something which distinguishes her from all other women and which identifies her. 

Your feminine keynote is your personal tone, and it reflects your real self. *Smile*

What is your feminine keynote? 

What do you think is the first thing a person thinks of when he/she focuses on you? 

What do you think is the first thing people who know you think of when they meet up with you? 

Do you think you impress others as being a feminine woman ~ or an unfeminine woman?

Do you think you impress others as being a strong, confident woman ~ or a weak, non~confident woman

Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Course: The Stepford Wife Training Manual (Pre~Release Sale)

About this course...

This manual is a training lifeline for the feminine woman who understands the significance and importance of creating and living in a very real bonded relationship ~ compared to simply co~existing in a pretend partnership to which full term commitment is an everyday challenge.

Specifically, this guide is a study for those of you who appreciate the diligence of dedicating yourself completely to your husband. 

It reveals how you can achieve the personal and family rewards that ensue from being a Stepford Wife ~ from your ability to focus on the recognized values of being the traditional wife in your marriage.

Inside, the pages "examine and case study" for you the role of the often publicly misunderstood Stepford Wife ~ a woman of exceedingly high class who trusts her husband completely, and who values and supports unequivocally his role as the leader and alpha partner in the marriage ~ a status which is quintessential to the ordered, disciplined and successful flourishing of her exceptional wife position.

Be prepared...

For many of you, reading along now will only serve to strengthen your resolve that you are meeting your true calling as a loving Stepford Wife to a husband that you truly adore. 

For others, you may find yourselves challenged to reassess your standing in your own relationship, and find that the Stepford Wife way might just be what you have been searching for as a "mend" to any cracks within your personal relationship scenario.

Table of Contents

Familiarity versus family 
Winning as a Stepford Wife 
Correcting the controversy 
The flawed female 
Complementing his control 
The Stepford Wife solution 
Why become a Stepford Wife? 
My case study candidate 
It’s about not missing out 
The Stepford Wife revealed 
The perfect wife 
Mindset of a Stepford Wife 
The Stepford Wife etiquette 
The essential ways of the perfect wife
The submissive Stepford 
Satisfying him sexually 
The path to the perfect life 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Feminine Woman And College

Good afternoon, angel!

Before a young woman (or older woman) considers going to college ~ and considers her choice of college ~ she should be sure that college can give her what she wants and needs. 

College is not for every woman ~ especially the feminine woman ~ and it is often a big waste of time, and unnecessary. 

I feel that most young women do not need a college education ~ or the expensive piece of paper that comes with it ~ and that college can only guarantee two things:

1. Feminist teachers trying to indoctrinate you with feminism. 

Instead of learning English, History or the Liberal Arts, you will often find yourself learning about feminism, and the "evil patriarchy!"

2. Debt. 

The average individual owes about $26,000 in student loans while facing a poor and uncertain job market, and has to pay up to $250,000 for room and board. 

That means it will be difficult to get a sufficient payoff for your investment.

Friday, January 30, 2015

How To Manifest Your Dream Home

"Every Wise Woman Buildeth Her House."

Good afternoon, dear heart!

There is an old saying, "There is a house not built with hands." 

Indeed, there are some homes that have been built with imagination and with thoughts. 

Foxes only have holes to live in; the birds of the air, their nests; some people have no place to permanently lay their heads ~ except in boarding houses and motels.

For a woman ~ especially a feminine woman ~ this should never be the case.

For the feminine woman, a home is:

A home you own ~ where no one can ask you to leave.

A home that is cozy and comfortable. 

A home that looks beautiful and inviting ~ with lots of feminine touches. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog: "The Feminine Belle's Home Based Business Ideas"

Hi sweet one!

The Feminine Belle's Home Based Business Ideas is a blog that teaches women of all ages how to make extra money from a cottage industry, or how to make a lucrative living from home - even during a recession.

It will be publishing many free-to-read articles on how women can create their own jobs and careers, tips for the WAHM (Work At Home Mom,) opportunities for young women to make money, and numerous money-making programs that will enable a woman to quit her day job.

Countless woman have become successful making an online living - and some are even making millions of dollars - all from the comfort of their own homes. There is no place like home to make a living from! It is the life.

PS: A lot of the information on this blog can be applied - and will work - during a recession. Furthermore, just one little idea saved many people in the Great Depression.

They also learned how to find money through observation! I will be sharing with you their secrets.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wife school: Secrets Of A Happy Home

Good morning, sweet one!

In marriage, wives often expects their husbands and children to make allowances for harsh words, yelling and thoughtless behavior, and if their families are tolerant and have a sense of humor, they will overlook many things and forgive much. 

But why should a woman be OK with imposing on the good nature of others, and why should she be OK with such an attitude?

Is that not taking one's loved ones for granted?

Is that not unfeminine and unbecoming behavior?


If politeness and courtesy are necessary to make society run smoothly, are they not even more necessary in the home? 

It is in the home that the same people are thrown together constantly, and where their "true colors" come out.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Attraction Lesson: The Seven Great Essentials Of Feminine Allure

Good morning, doll!

Words can be too elusive or bungling to describe the finer meaning of "feminine allure" ~ yet we have all felt its power, and at some time been under its spell.

Just as in the case of the never forgotten enchantress, Cleopatra, age cannot wither nor stale allure's infinite variety, nor the marvelous fascination of the woman who has feminine allure.

In every era, men have loved the physical beauty of women, but the woman who has the all~compelling power of feminine allure is far superior to the woman who has mere physical beauty. 

Furthermore, the women who have been the most popular with men, and the adored favorites of men, have not necessarily been the most physically attractive women.

But they have had that most captivating and fascinating quality we refer to as "allure."

There are seven great essentials for acquiring feminine allure. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

True Womanhood For The 21st Century Woman

Good afternoon, angel!

A true woman in the 21st century is a feminine woman.

Her figure; her style; her movements; her voice; her laughter; her character; her personality; her moral fiber; her point of view; her opinions; her occupations; her domesticities; her hobbies; her keen eye for beauty; her refinement; her love; her keen delight in things of her own; her instinctive tenderness and compassion; her softness, her sensitivity; her gentleness; her submissive nature; her admiration for strength; her dislike of feminine behavior in men; her quiet ignoring of mean and aggressive women are all feminine traits. 

The feminine woman differs from a man ~ and from the unfeminine woman ~ by a sky~breadth.

And she blesses her man and the world by this difference. *Smile*

For a woman to look or act like a man is to make herself a deformity, and to abdicate her power.

There are enough men in the world, anyhow, and there are not enough real women.

To see a woman botch her womanhood by acting manly, by affecting a masculine gait, by talking in lower tones, by acting coarse, by showing her naked/half naked body to the world, by being promiscuous, and by thinking only of furthering her career and of bringing men down a peg or two, is pathetic. 

Such a woman is a freak of nature, she is neurotic, and she does not deserve a man ~ especially a real man.